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Using infrared technology is a faster, cheaper, and environmentally friendlier method to repair or patch asphalt than conventional methods. Infrared is fast becoming the preferred solution to basic asphalt repairs.


Repairing your asphalt using infrared technology recycles the old asphalt while blending in new asphalt, creating a durable and seamless repair. Typical repairs take well under an hour to complete.


Contact us about infrared patching today. We want to work with you to repair any pavement issues with quality results, saving you time and money. You'll get over 51 years of proven success when you choose our team.

Infrared repairs of all kinds

 • Potholes

 • Manholes, gate valves, storm drains

 • Rough surfaces

 • Utility openings

 • Speed bump installation and repair

 • Handicap ramps

 • Stamped asphalt

Eliminate common issues

 • Surface cracking

 • Bumps and high spots

 • Dips and low spots

 • Oil spots

 • Paver seams or cold joints

 • Trench repairs

 • Water flow redirection

Experienced IR patching is just a call away

Asphalting paver machine